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Here's the thing...

We started as a "one class and we'll see". The programs are an extension of the work artsTECHsolutions has been doing since 1994. Then we grew into two and finally three different classes for three age/experience ranges. Then the parents began adding to the arts experience with poetry, philosophy, book clubs, movement, and rhythm (and perhaps more).

Now we have what is an arts center of sorts, with the heart of it being a repertory company of actors. The original business model of the creativeTHEATRE classes was quickly used up as the kids got older, so to challenge hungry imaginations new programming was developed.

As far as the theatre side, the kids are essentially following in each other's footsteps.
We explore the endless landscape of theatre/arts and its many styles; introducing the classics, Shakespeare, and opera along the way, because they are worth knowing.
All of this is accomplished by focusing on the story being told,
rather than the things that create distance from the work (where else have you seen kids this excited to be in a Shakespeare play)!

We try to see plays or works that will enrich and perhaps compliment the play we are developing/rehearsing. Our trips to NY and Philly, seeing good films as a cast, are all fun parts of that process.

As the kids get older, we begin to branch into more live performances, touring... real repertory kind of work. 2015 we introduced theatre in the round. The 2016/17 season (our 11th) brings with it our first classes for high school age students. Giving the kids a chance to direct a one act type play, and having each student create their own one-person show, are all concepts on the horizon.

In 2014 we added a new company of young actors in Hunterdon County NJ on Tuesdays. The group is about to enter its third season, and they are doing exciting work! This season they will get their first stage swordplay experiences, as well getting immersed in our Pirate themed programs!

Looking forward to what lies ahead...

Click here to read about seasons 1-10 in Doylestown.
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Contact us today, and find out why
"the world is our stage!"

phone/text: 267-300-8658