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Spring 2018: Richard III, Session II

Our first big completely scripted show! The classic Shakespeare tale of the evil Richard and his rise and fall.
First day scripts are handed out. Students will need them every class. This class takes place over two ten week sessions, so you are paying as you usually do for a winter and then spring program. In March, the class will perform a short improv show so they don't have to wait too long to perform!

Sometime in January we will all watch "Looking for Richard" together and discuss.

The show has swordplay elements, so during the spring session we will have our usual 12 extra rehearsal hours. I cannot plan these now, but it will be our usual early mid May times and dates.

Below is the sign up info for the winter.

April 4th through June 6th
Rock Point Church
4877 Bergstrom Rd
Doylestown PA

June 2018

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